To contact me, please use either:


Infinite Ink Discussion Group

The Infinite Ink discussion group is currently being updated. For now, please contact me via my public email address, which is discussed in the next section.



My Public Email Address

I use the following address to participate in discussions in public places (agorae).

agorae[a symbol]

To contact me directly, use this address but note that if I think it would be of interest to others, I will post my reply in the Infinite Ink group and Bcc you. Please let me know if it is OK to include your name and/or an excerpt of your message in my public reply. If you do not specify this, I will not post your name but I will post an excerpt or a paraphrase of your message.

Also note that because of spam and virus filtering, I never see a lot of messages that are sent to my agorae email address. To ensure that I see your message, please post anything that is not private directly to the Infinite Ink discussion group. This way you can check that your message was successfully posted and it will become part of the public conversation.


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